Saturday, 1 August 2009

3 new products in store today

Sanded wrapped Frame action
This action Makes a realistic look sanded and worn wooden frame wrapped with a beautiful ribbon and finished with a knotted bow.
All componants can be made in your choice of colour/Pattern and you have the option of adding a patterned overlay to the frame at the end
Endless possibilities meaning you can use this over and over again
Approx 2000px
300 DPI
CU okay
worn cardboard tags by incognito
This package contains 6 worn cardboard tags with various fastners
large sizes and 300 DPI
Cu Ok No credits required

cu sanded frames by incognito
This pack contains 10 sanded and worn wooden frames in various colours/patterns
approx 2000x2000 px
300 DPI
CU Ok no credits required
all products available in stores on left

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BlueCat said...

Great new products!